Barbeque Nation Franchise in India – Cost, Apply, History, Benefits, & Required

On a Saturday night, enjoying a racy chicken tikka at a fancy restaurant like the Barbeque Nation franchise may be a lot of fun. But what if you could do that every weekend, and not have to worry about the cost? Yes! Certainly, flip the script and claim these delectable kebabs and grills as your own, making others pay for it! All of this is feasible with just one thought—why not open your own Barbeque Nation franchise?

One brand that distinguishes out in the realm of personalized dining is Barbeque Nation. The brand has established a market segment for itself in the food business for more than ten years and continues to set new standards that rival those of its competitors. Among the most successful industries in India is the restaurant business. Even though operating and sustaining a restaurant presents a number of difficulties, it is still a lucrative industry for business owners.

There are restaurants everywhere, therefore every company is always experimenting with new strategies to draw in clients. Barbeque Nation is one such experiment, and in this post, we’ll provide you with all the details you need to know about how to start a Barbeque Nation franchise in India.

History of Barbeque Nation:

Sajid Dhanani, a restaurateur, had the notion to provide consumers with a healthy eating experience at a fair price back in 2006. He already owned the renowned Sayaji Hotels in Indore, but he wanted to capitalize on the country’s culinary prowess by introducing the idea of a “live grill” to Indian customers. Barbeque Nation was thus established.

Hotels and wedding banquets have traditionally had live grills and food stations, but this has never happened at a patron’s table in a restaurant. This concept was given a fresh start by Sajid, who presented it at his restaurant in a tailored manner.

Barbeque Nation’s first location opened in Pali Hills, Mumbai, in 2006. There hasn’t been a turning back since that time. Soon, 18 additional brand locations opened in other Indian cities. Soon, the concept of dining in India underwent a fundamental shift, with diners able to watch their food being prepared at their tables rather than in cluttered kitchens hidden behind walls.

Barbeque Nation established its 25th location in Vadapalani, Chennai, in 2011, marking the company’s first major milestone. However, the passing of Sajid Dhanani, the company’s founding father, in 2012 dealt a serious blow to the expanding brand. But great concepts endure long after their authors. Sajid’s brother Kayum Dhanani took over the company and led Barbeque Nation in India and abroad.

With the launch of its “Kulfi Nation” concept in 2014, Barbeque Nation put another feather to its hat by providing its patrons with high-quality sweets. Each establishment has a station where clients may buy 8 basic kinds of kulfi to follow their scrumptious vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal.

Barbeque Nation established its 50th location in Mysuru, Karnataka, in 2015. By this point, it was evident that the brand was well-known among consumers from all types of backgrounds and across the country. It was quite popular among the general public, notably the expanding young and the upper middle class, because to its fair pricing policy and distinctive live food idea.

The 75th location wasn’t long behind, and it quickly appeared in Jaipur’s Pink City. With the passage of time, the brand passed the 100-outlet threshold, and as of now, it has over 140 stores in India, dispersed throughout metropolises and tier I and tier II locations. In addition, the brand crossed Indian boundaries and set up 4 stores in the United Arab Emirates, 1 in Malaysia, and 1 in Oman. With this pace, Barbeque Nation will undoubtedly take off globally and soon establish itself on other continents.

Visitors to Barbeque Nation saw grills hidden beneath the table. It allowed individuals to cook their own barbeque, and it quickly gained popularity. The company has started to extend its operations across the nation as it has solidified its position in the personalized dining industry.

What sets Barbeque Nation apart?

The idea of personalized eating and DIY (Do it Yourself) cuisines is one of the barbeque nation’s unique selling propositions (USP). For national foodies, it was a really distinct and interesting experience. Barbeque Nation quickly gained popularity since it was unheard of in India to grill mouthwatering kebabs directly in front of your table. Although the eating experience was fantastic, consumers still had to pay generously, but they were willing to pay more to have a different dining experience.

Benefits of Owning a Barbeque Nation Franchise

Being the proud owner of a well-known franchise not only makes you feel good, but it also guarantees a lot of money. Let’s examine some of the advantages of having a Barbeque Nation franchise;

1.     A Well-known Brand

One of the most well-known and prosperous dining establishments in India is the Barbeque Nation. In its 14 to 15 years of operation in the nation, it hasn’t shut its doors for even a single franchise. As a result, it demonstrates that every franchise has been successful and lucrative from the beginning.

2.     Live Grills & Counters

People frequently go to Barbeque Nation to partake in live dining and to barbecue their own appetizers in front of their tables.

3.     The World on a Grill

Barbeque Nation certainly lives up to its motto, “World on a Grill.” People come to Barbeque Nation because of the live grills and counters, which provide the establishment with novelty value and an immersive dining experience.

4.     Promotion of brands and advertising

You don’t need to spend any money promoting the brand or running advertisements because Barbeque Nation is already a well-known title in the nation. The media and social media are already heavily used in the barbeque nation.

5.     Maximum ROI (Return On Investment)

You can be sure that investing in a Barbeque Nation franchise will yield excellent returns on your money quickly.

What is Required to Open a Barbeque Nation Franchise in India?

For information about opening a Barbeque Nation franchise in your city, please read the following:

·        Area and Place

4000 to 5000 sq. ft. are required as a minimum to start a Barbeque Nation. ft of space in an area that is quite commercial. Although the ground level is typically favored, a place on the first floor with food served from the roof is also suitable for the restaurant.

·        Knowledge & Skills

It would be a major benefit if you have past expertise in the restaurant and food sector. However, you are always invited if you have the money to invest, a nice location, and the drive to manage the franchise.

·        Training

If you’re new to the food business, you’ll need to brush up on your skills and expertise. You must constantly keep one step ahead of your rivals since the food and eating industry is extremely competitive.

The instruction required to comprehend the fundamental operations of the restaurant will be given by a team from Barbeque Nation. In addition to training, hiring professional and seasoned chefs and storekeepers will be crucial to the franchise’s success.

·        Investment: What Is the Price of an Indian Barbeque Nation Franchise?

 It takes a lot of money to own a Barbeque Nation franchise; you may require between 1 and 2 crores INR. Although the sum appears to be on the larger side, taking everything into the account-the interior, kitchen appliances, accessories, workstations, refrigerators, air conditioning units, etc.-will allow you to recover the majority of your investment.

 Along with an 8% royalty charge, you will also need to pay Barbeque Nation INR 25 lakhs as a franchise fee in order to start a franchise.

How can I apply for a franchise with Barbeque Nation?

You may get in touch with Barbeque Nation by their official contact page, by phone, or by email if you have any questions about applying for a franchise:


Final Words

With its slogan, “The World on a Grill,” Barbeque Nation, which has more than 14 years of experience in the food and eating sector, has carved out a position for itself as one of the most beloved and highly rated restaurants in the nation.

Barbeque Nation is currently attempting to open locations in Tier II and Tier III cities around the nation despite having more than 140 locations and a significant national presence. Consequently, it is a fantastic chance for those who want to launch a flourishing business of their own. One of the main benefits of owning a Barbeque Nation franchise is that, even before you open the business, you already have a 50% success rate. Every entrepreneur will always want some form of affiliation with a well-known brand.

We will be pleased to address all of your questions as soon as possible if you put them in the feedback box below. Cheers to dining!

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